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Lulu copy.jpg

"Tribute To Lulu"  32"h x 30"w   collage and acrylic paint on canvas,   $1,650

Sea Turtles copy.jpg

"Sea Turtles"  collage on canvas, 28" hx 30" w,  $1,450


"Rosie"   collage on canvas, 18"h x 16" w,  $525 


"Felycia"  collage on canvas, 18" hx 16"w   $360


"Fleur"  collage on canvas, 18"h x 16" w,    $400

Millie and Tillie.JPG

"Millie & Tillie "  collage on canvas, 18"h x 24" w  $765


"Jellyfish"   mixed media (paper collage and ink),

18"hx24"w,     $575


"Whales"  paper collage on canvas, 30"hx40"w,       $2,050

Sea Horse copy.jpg

"Sea Horse"   collage on canvas,  37"h12"w,


"Crystal"    paper collage on canvas,  12"h x 16"w,   $360

Antonia 28 x 18.jpg

"Antonia"   collage on canvas, 28"hx18"w,  $885

Cleopatra 28 x 18.jpg

"Cleopatra"  paper collage on canvas,

28"hx18"w,                  $885

Naughty copy.jpg

"Naughty, Naughty"   Ink and paper collage,  15"hx12"w,   framed,        $375

Blue Belle orig copy.jpg

"Blue Belle"   Ink and paper collage, 15"hx12"w,  framed,      $375

Octavia 18x28.jpg

"Octavia"   paper collage on canvas, 18"hx28"w,   $885

Myrtle & Mykie.jpg

"Myrtle & Mykie". paper collage on canvas, 12"hx18"w.    $400

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